What I read over the holidays!


Ela Hane and Christmas Reading!

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Currently reading: Allegiant - By Veronica Roth. (Final book of trilogy) Review to come :)
Uglies - By Scott Westerfeld (no spoilers)

Scott Westerfeld’s YA novel ‘Uglies’ is set in a futurist utopia. Where the entire society is made equally beautiful aka ‘Pretty’.  The city is separated – Littlies, Uglies, New Pretties, Middle Pretties, Late Pretties, and Specials. Each category has a purpose weather being to wait until they are beautiful, have fun or reproduce. “Littlies” live with there “Middle Prettie” parents and then as teenagers sent to “Uglieville” where they are to live and learn until the age of sixteen to receive the cosmetic surgery to become the much desired “New Pretty”.

 Westerfeld writes from fifteen-year-old Tally Youngblood’s perceptive who is nearing the date of her sixteenth birthday and the sought-after operation day. Tally looked hopefully from her bedroom window and across the river at the beautiful city lights, party towers and ‘New Pretties’.  Tally is lonely in Uglieville, as she is the youngest of her friends who is ‘Ugly’.

 As the plot grows Tally overcomes obstacles, Meets new friends and learns. Throughout the story Westerfeld reveals some very serious and real life topics that relate with the YA reader even in our time.

 ‘Uglies’ is intriguing as there is always a character to meet, new obstacle and important message. Expect the unexpected. This Plot is fast moving yet Westerfeld is true to the thought and meaning behind his world.

Currently reading: Uglies - By Scott Westerfeld. Review to come :)